Curious Fu is dedicated to improving birth outcomes and reducing antenatal and postnatal depression.


Curious Fu was founded in 2002 in a clinic in Sydney to fill a need for pregnant women looking for specialist education and support to improve their pregnancy and child birth outcomes. With a passion for women, pregnancy and childbirth, Founder Becks Armstrong created and wrote unique programmes that included personalised guided visualisations, nutrition, exercise, acupuncture and doula services that received nationwide recognition.

Over her time in clinic Becks helped thousands of women in during their pregnancies and assisted in over 70 births as one of Australia’s most in demand doulas.

In 2016, Becks and her London based team wanted to create a platform that could bring their many years of knowledge and support to more pregnant women globally.  Under Beck’s leadership, the clinic that began has evolved to a sophisticated technology platform that connects pregnant women with the support and help in order to create the best outcomes for mum and baby.

Our mission is to meet the needs of women looking for trusted advice, support and guidance throughout their pregnancy to empower them to take control.

Curious Fu comes from the system of traditional Chinese medicine, where it refers to the group of organ systems needed to conceive and carry a baby to term.

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