Breastfeeding – How to get started

The thought of breastfeeding your new arrival can feel daunting. How do you start breastfeeding? how often should you feed your newborn? and what if your baby struggles to ‘latch on’? [...]

6 ways to help ease morning sickness during pregnancy

You can’t open the fridge let alone the bin in your kitchen, your super sense of smell makes you dread public transport and even the THOUGHT of food makes you heave. Sound familiar? Morning [...]

How pregnancy can affect your sleep (and what you can do to help)

Sleep.. and lack of it.. is a very common issue during pregnancy. Most, if not all, women experience some insomnia or sleep disturbance at some point whilst pregnant. There are many reasons for [...]

What is mindfulness?

We think mindfulness is really important – especially during pregnancy. It’s at the core of what we offer in the Curious Fu pregnancy and labour app.  The term ‘mindfulness’ is [...]

Does sleeping on your left hand side really reduce the chance of stillbirth?

Stillbirth is a topic that pregnant women don’t want to think about and everyone hopes that it isn’t them but the latest research from the The Midlands and North of England Stillbirth Study [...]

The Sleep Session

Over the coming weeks I will be writing about each of the sessions that we have on the Curious Fu pregnancy app. I’m often asked why I have done or said certain things so I thought it would help [...]